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Seniors LOVE Legend because…

Senior Portraits

Sheesh… so-called “PHOTOGRAPHERS” SEEM TO BE A “DIME-A-DOZEN” ~ These days it seems like almost everyone with a digital camera is claiming to be a “photographer” and offering photography services. As it is, very few are able to offer truly superb portrait quality that will stir your soul with great style, creative originality, and breath-taking image quality. Few indeed rise above a fairly lackluster mediocrity. ┬áSeniors and their families love Legend FIne Portraits because we offer world-class portrait quality with a distinctive, creative edge and great variety! Legend leads in senior portrait quality, both locally and nationally.

LET’S START WITH OUR PORTRAIT PARK ~ Simply put, we offer an amazing variety of options in our settings. With five lush acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, four out-buildings, including a Mediterranean courtyard, roman temple, glass block hideaway, and a 1600 sq. ft. indoor camera room, we offer far more creative possibilities than competing studios. In addition to these buildings, our flower gardens, patios, arbors, gazebo, pergola, covered porches, flowers, fields, and dense fern forest provide a wealth of portrait settings. We can take you from a fanciful-flowered garden look, to an urban warehouse loft, a warm-lit night swimming pool, or industrial grunge setting in 60 seconds. And that’s just a sliver of the multitude of settings at Legend.

ADD A CREATIVE, LEADING-EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER ~ Legend combines a huge variety of wonderful settings with the creative talents of a well-seasoned portrait artist: Don Hauerken. Don’s years of experience in San Francisco as a fashion, commercial, and industrial photographer and years of education and teaching experience have combined to give him a creative insight and personal rapport with clients which results in stunning images clients are thrilled with.

THE RESULT ~ The bottom line is this: awesome settings are very helpful, the photographer’s skill is critically important, but above all, what matters most in this business is predictably achieving portrait images which thrill, inspire, and stir the heart and soul. Above all, we strive to capture looks, feelings, and moods in portraits which will stir your soul.

PLEASE COMPARE OUR WORK ~ We invite you to compare our work with that of competing studios… we’re sure you will recognize the top-notch, creative difference offered by Legend. You only go around one time and senior portraits are a grand, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can trust Legend to come through with quality and creative style you will appreciate in your finished portraits… not just today, but tomorrow… and for your lifetime. Such inspiring portraits are not expensive… they’re priceless.

Senior Portraits