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Class of 2012 Sessions & Specials

===============CLASS of 2012 SESSIONS===================
Thanks to our many wonderful clients, our appointment calendar is full and now
closed. We look forward to reopening in 2012 to serve the upcoming Class of 2013.

PortraitPark SESSIONS

Legend’s PortraitPark Senior sessions are based on the number of clothing changes and the number of different settings on our 5-acre portrait park and indoor studios. A “look” is one clothing outfit photographed in one setting. For each “look”, a wide variety of images are created. Therefore our popular 5-look session is five clothing changes photographed in five different settings at our incredible 5-acre portrait park.

PortraitPark SESSIONS include both indoor and/or outdoor settings at our lush 5-acre portrait park.

3-look: Up to 3 clothing outfits photographed at three different settings on our 5-acre park – $129

5-look: Up to 5 clothing outfits photographed at five different settings on our 5-acre park – $149

There is no minimum print order with our PortraitPark Sessions.

RESERVE your appointment time NOW by calling 360-896-4444. When booking your senior portrait session, we ask that you pre-pay your session fee over the phone (we accept ALL major credit cards for payment – by phone). This prepayment will guarantee your session date and time, thus no fees will need to be paid on the date of your session. Your session fee reserves your appointment time on our calendar and may be paid with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or debit card at the time of scheduling your appointment.


• DESTINATION VANCOUVER – $295 for a 120 minute session at locations of your choosing in the Vancouver-Camas area. The minimum print order with this session is $795. The 120 minute period begins when we arrive at your location.

• DESTINATION PORTLAND – $395 for a 150 minute session at locations of your choosing in downtown Portland area. The minimum print order with this session is $795. The 150 minute period begins when we arrive at your location.


MODEL FOR A DAY – our ULTIMATE senior portrait/model experience! UN-limited clothing changes. UN-limited locations. An incredible experience. Wherever we can travel to and work with you within 5 hours is all yours! You name it… we’re there! You might choose to combine Portland downtown with Pittock Mansion, Riverwalk, industrial grunge, Washington Park, Rose Garden, Chinese gardens, your home, boat, barn, cabin, wherever! Perhaps daytime looks combined with evening looks downtown & city lights – you design your dream session! Model-For-A-Day: $895 with $295 of that amount applying entirely as a portrait credit toward a package of $995 or more. This is something very special indeed! For the model in you just waiting to burst out!



We offer an extensive variety of portrait print offerings including print packages, portrait collections, multi-image framed collections, folios, albums, books, wall portraits, and a la carte prints. The best pricing is found in our print packages, which offer increasingly deeper discounts as the print packages increase in size.

Our print packages range from $325 for our smallest package up to $3995 for our largest package. There are fifteen different packages to choose from, so there’s something in there to fit everyone’s needs. And you can also modify packages by selecting from a wide range of individual a la carte items.

Our smallest package (Pkg. G) is priced at $325 and includes three 5×7 portraits, 16 – 2×3 portraits, the Yearbook Photo sized to your school’s specifications, and a 2×3 pocket album. Next up is our $425 package (Pkg. F) which includes five 5×7 portraits, 24 – 2×3 portraits, the Yearbook Photo, and a 2×3 pocket album. Following that is Package E, priced at $525, including two 8×10 portraits, five 5×7 portraits, 32 – 2×3 portraits, the Yearbook Photo, and a 2×3 Pocket Album.

Our MOST popular packages offer even more print offerings, including framed ArtPrints for your wall, lower pricing per item and include a DIGITAL FILE on disc of EVERY ORDERED IMAGE! Our BonusPackages offer even deeper discounts per print and include our very popular framed “ArtPrints”, Carry Albums, folios, and framed multi-image collections.

*** NEW for Class of 2012: With Package C and above, a digital image file of each ordered pose is included on disc at NO EXTRA CHARGE! This will allow you to make additional prints of any ordered image yourself! ***

In any of the packages, you can exchange a 5×7 for an 8×10 for just $4 more. Or exchange an 8×10 for a 5×7 and save $4.

The bottom line at Legend is that whatever package you buy, even with the smallest package, you will still get the finest quality, most creative senior portraits available. If you’ve compared the quality of our work to other studios, then you know the difference in creativity and quality you are guaranteed from Legend!

Seniors LOVE Legend because…

Sheesh… so-called “PHOTOGRAPHERS” SEEM TO BE A “DIME-A-DOZEN” ~ These days it seems like almost everyone with a digital camera is claiming to be a “photographer” and offering photography services. As it is, very few are able to offer truly superb portrait quality that will stir your soul with great style, creative originality, and breath-taking image quality. Few indeed rise above a fairly lackluster mediocrity.  Seniors and their families love Legend FIne Portraits because we offer world-class portrait quality with a distinctive, creative edge and great variety! Legend leads in senior portrait quality, both locally and nationally.

LET’S START WITH OUR PORTRAIT PARK ~ Simply put, we offer an amazing variety of options in our settings. With five lush acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, four out-buildings, including a Mediterranean courtyard, roman temple, glass block hideaway, and a 1600 sq. ft. indoor camera room, we offer far more creative possibilities than competing studios. In addition to these buildings, our flower gardens, patios, arbors, gazebo, pergola, covered porches, flowers, fields, and dense fern forest provide a wealth of portrait settings. We can take you from a fanciful-flowered garden look, to an urban warehouse loft, a warm-lit night swimming pool, or industrial grunge setting in 60 seconds. And that’s just a sliver of the multitude of settings at Legend.

ADD A CREATIVE, LEADING-EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER ~ Legend combines a huge variety of wonderful settings with the creative talents of a well-seasoned portrait artist: Don Hauerken. Don’s years of experience in San Francisco as a fashion, commercial, and industrial photographer and years of education and teaching experience have combined to give him a creative insight and personal rapport with clients which results in stunning images clients are thrilled with.

THE RESULT ~ The bottom line is this: awesome settings are very helpful, the photographer’s skill is critically important, but above all, what matters most in this business is predictably achieving portrait images which thrill, inspire, and stir the heart and soul. Above all, we strive to capture looks, feelings, and moods in portraits which will stir your soul.

PLEASE COMPARE OUR WORK ~ We invite you to compare our work with that of competing studios… we’re sure you will recognize the top-notch, creative difference offered by Legend. You only go around one time and senior portraits are a grand, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can trust Legend to come through with quality and creative style you will appreciate in your finished portraits… not just today, but tomorrow… and for your lifetime. Such inspiring portraits are not expensive… they’re priceless.

Legend: WHY we are the Top Choice for creativity & image quality

We know you don’t want the same looking pictures you’ve seen over and over again from other studios where the pictures all look the same, but with a different person in them.  At Legend, we design your portrait session to match your personality, look and interests.  With our 5-acre portrait park and four incredible outbuildings, including a new 1600 sq. ft. indoor camera room, Legend offers far more variety and looks than you’ll find elsewhere – all in one convenient 5-acre location! And we know how to work it all to give you unique looks. Many of our clients come to us from considerable distances to get unmatched portrait creativity & quality AND to avoid getting the same pictures everyone they know has from the same studio in their local area.  Our work will really set you apart with portraits that will knock your socks off!

We know that senior portraits are among the most important portraits in your life and that trusting the creation of your senior portraits to a highly creative, seasoned portrait artist makes all the difference in the world. We want to be your source for senior portraits that will stir your soul… portraits you will be thrilled with for a lifetime.

CRITICAL REASONS TO CHOOSE LEGEND: we focus on attending to the DETAILS of

• POSING – this is a critical component to looking great in pictures. We know how to guide and direct you to angles and postures which will make you look your VERY BEST.

• EXPRESSION – just any smile or ordinary “look” won’t do at Legend. The way we work with you during your portrait session is guaranteed to bring out natural-looking expressions that are engaging, appealing, and reflective of your true nature. We pride ourselves on helping you look relaxed, happy, confident, and natural in your expressions.

• CLOTHING CONSULTATION – this starts from when we first talk with you on the phone and comes to completion when we narrow down to the final clothing choices at the time of your photo session. We know how important clothing selection is to making great portraits and will guide you through every step of the way!

• COORDINATION of STYLES and COLORS – we do this when reviewing your clothing and setting options to make sure your clothing and colors coordinate perfectly with the settings and backgrounds available. Your clothes and colors will be RIGHT with the setting we photograph you in.

• LIGHTING and CAMERA WORK – this is a skill that takes years of constant study and practice to develop and refine. We’ve got this part down! And it’s important!

• RETOUCHING & EDITING – this post-production work is vitally important in “developing” the images we create of you into portraits with perfect complexion retouching, perfect colors, perfect highlights and shadow detail in the finished prints. It takes a master retoucher and image editor to do this work so seamlessly that your look is perfect AND natural. You will never be “too” retouched or look “strange” in portraits from Legend. And if your complexion is especially troublesome… have no worries, our years of experience in portrait retouching will make you look your natural best.

• CREATIVE VISION & CONTROL Don Hauerken is your photographer AND the artist who will retouch your complexion and completely edit every detail of your selected portraits. If you like the work you see on our website and brochures… know that it is 100% Don Hauerken. His creative “vision” begins at clothing consultation, moves to setting, lighting, posing, camera work, image selection, retouching, color correcting, levels adjustment, cropping, and printing. One artist has complete control over the creative “look” of your portraits from start to finish!

Some other benefits from choosing Legend:

• 8- 2×3 wallet portraits to you for mentioning one of our Model Reps who referred you

• “Touch of Beauty” ~  a finishing touch to your hair and make up

• “Buddy” Poses created during your session (include your best friend, your dog, your cat, other buddies)

• “Car & Prop” poses created during your session (include your car, motorcycle, and other props)

• 2×3 pocket album with every package

• Yearbook photo submission matching your school’s specification with every package

• Unique looks, poses, incredible settings and image quality you cannot get anywhere else, at any price

AND – we offer versions of your senior portraits for display on your MySpace & Facebook pages!